What is the one blessing that would make your life complete? What help would you ask the divine, in order to become all you can be? And how far would you go to obtain it? No matter your road in life, your personal challenges, or the shape of your destiny, Arjarn (Master) Neng Onnut is a man who can give you a very powerful hand.

But Arjarn Neng is more than just a man. He is the personification of the hermit, a powerful scholar who knows the mantras that unlock the blessings of the gods. The hermit is an intellectual studied in the ways of the universe, and through him, you can access very specific gifts.

A Sak Yant, or tattooed spiritual mantra, will display upon your skin the blessing or gift that you have received. This is not to be taken lightly, because no matter what this gift entails (power, luck, protection, prosperity, authority, …) you will be bound by it, and required in exchange to conduct yourself with good morals, to take care of your conscience, and to avoid using this gift in negative ways. Thus, receiving a sacred tattoo is a lifelong compromise that should change your existence for the better.

The process of receiving a sacred tattoo starts with praying and offerings. Once you are spiritually prepared, Master Neng will apply the tattoo with help from two of his assistants.

The final stage of the process consists of activating the tattoo. The longevity of a tattoo’s power will depend on your own actions and tend to fade over time. If necessary, you may come back to re-activate it, or to add more components to it, depending on your needs or plans.

Those who receive these special links to the divine knowledge that their life will be changed forever. Such a close and personal connection to something higher than ourselves is certainly a very uncommon gift, one that requires sacrifice, constant improvement, discipline. And as for you, dear reader, what are the gifts you require to be the best you can be? What are the challenges you face? How do they, your scars, victories, and personal history, change the topology of your being, both from the inside and outside?

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