The Stone Whisperer

One day I met a man on the beach, standing stones over each other. When I inquired as to the difficulty of the task he responded with a challenge: “Here are a couple of them, try by yourself” And so I spent the rest of the afternoon attempting precisely that. Having failed that day, I returned the next one. “Oh my!” Says the man “You should be an expert by now!”

But I wasn’t. In fact, standing a big stone on top of another (by its pointy side) is close to impossible.

You must empty your mind of everything” says the man. “It’s just a matter of finding the exact spot” says I. “Yes, but in order to do that, there must be no noise, the stone has to show you its point of equilibrium” says the man.

Ridiculous!” Says I, “I just need to balance it very little to one side…until I find the right point…

And that’s what I did for the other thirty minutes, and failed. Rivers of sweat were rolling down my forehead on that hot day in Puerto Vallarta.

Fine!” I cried. “You do it, if it is so easy

And so he did. It took him three seconds. I counted.

Everything has a balance point” He said “Everything: Stones, your work, your mood, your food, your mind. And everybody does, as well. The trick is to be silent enough to feel it; If you learn to do it, you can bring order and harmony to anything

Even then” I say, “there must be some things you can’t control

“For sure” he says “for example, my wife”

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