Who am I?

My name is Daniel Torres, and amongst other things, I’m a photographer.

Photography gives me a way to dig my nails into the situations I find myself in, it pushes me to meet both the people and their circumstances. It terrifies me, but forces me to be more than a stranger. It confronts me with my own limitations, and if things go right I come out of it with a story to tell.

I do photography as a way to document the unseen, the fringe, either the edge of what people would consider acceptable or the gritty reality of what we see everyday, but don’t pay attention to; The quotidian turned inside out.

My vision is to create a sort of magic realism out of our social and personal reality. To find and expose the hidden layers of the places I find myself in, the upside-down reflections of people as they do what people do.

I strive to make stories, to tell the world as I see it. To link it together with images in order to create a coherent whole that will hopefully give you a taste of what it meant to be there for me.